Dr. Brenna Henn


Position Title
Principal Investigator



Dr. Brenna Henn is a population geneticist in the Department of Anthropology and in the Genome Center at the University of California, Davis. She began her research by studying the deep population structure and complex migration patterns of African hunter-gatherer groups. Motivated by her PhD training in anthropology, she aims to approach questions of genomic and phenotypic diversity from an interdisciplinary standpoint. She continues to primarily focus on African populations. Her field sites include efforts to collect DNA samples, demographic data and biomedical phenotypes in the Kalahari Desert, Cederberg Mountains and the Richtersveld of South Africa, as well as collaborations in Namibia and Ethiopia.


Postdoc 2012, Genetics, School of Medicine, Stanford University
Ph.D. 2009, Anthropological Sciences, Stanford University
M.S. 2005, Anthropological Sciences, Stanford University
B.A. 2003, Philosophy: specialization in History and Philosophy of Science, Stanford University