Representative Publications
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  • EG Atkinson, AJ Audesse, JA Palacios, DM Bobo, AE Webb, S Ramachandran, BM Henn. (2018) No Evidence for Recent Selection at FOXP2 among Diverse Human Populations. Cell. 174(6), 1424-1435. 
  • LA Sugden, EA Atkinson, S Rong, BM Henn, S Ramachandran (2018) Localization of adaptive variants in human genomes using Bayesian one-dependence estimation. Nature Comm. 9 (1) 703.
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  • KF McManus, A Taravella, BM Henn, CD Bustamante, M Sikora, OE Cornejo (2017) Population Genetic Analysis of the DARC Locus (Duffy) Reveals Adaptation from Standing Variation Associated with Malaria Resistance in Humans. PLoS Genetics. e1006560. - 
  • BM Henn*, LR Botigué*, S Peishl*, I Dupanloup, M Lipatov, BK Maples, AR Martin, S Musharoff, H Cann, M Snyder, L Excoffier*, JM Kidd*, CD Bustamante* (2016) Feature Article: Distance from Sub-Saharan Africa Predicts Mutational Load in Diverse Human Genomes. Proc Natl Acad Sci. 113(4): E440-E449.
  • G Hilton, PJ Norman, N Nemat-Gorgani, A Goyos, JA Hollenbach, BM Henn, CR Gignoux, LA Guethlein, P Parham. (2015) Loss and Gain of Natural Killer Cell Receptor Function in an African Hunter-Gatherer Population. PLoS Genetics 11(8): e1005439 - 
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  • BM Henn, CR Gignoux, M Jobin, JM Granka, JM Macpherson, JM Kidd, L Rodríguez-Botigué, S Ramachandran, L Hon, A Brisbin, AA Lin, PA Underhill, D Comas, KK Kidd, P Parham, PJ Norman, CD Bustamante, JL Mountain, MW Feldman. (2011) Hunter-gatherer genomic diversity suggests a southern African origin for modern humans. Proc Natl Acad Sci. 108(13): 5154-5162
  • BM Henn, CR Gignoux, MW Feldman and JL Mountain. (2009) Characterizing the time- dependency of human mitochondrial DNA mutation rate estimates. Mol Biol Evol. 26(1): 217-230. PMID: 18984905​


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